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GGS is the UK’s leading provider of continuous gas monitoring data and reporting services


With a reputation built on nearly ten years of delivering cost-effective and efficient projects to clients, our commitment to innovative technology makes GGS first choice for providing real solutions to complex problems.

Using the best available technologies and best practice approaches, our multi-skilled team of experts deliver a market leading service that allows our customers to make the right decisions based on the highest quality data.

Delivering added value as standard, our cost-effective and flexible approach allows for bespoke specialist services at competitive prices. We guarantee the right data on time and presented in a format that meets your needs.


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Key Services

Data and Service Packages

Get the gas monitoring data you need with our customisable service packages

Continuous Ground-Gas Monitoring

Improved risk prediction & shorter monitoring periods through continuous ground-gas monitoring.

Onshore Oil and Gas

Environmental Baseline Studies and continuous monitoring for the onshore oil and gas sector.

Sub-Floor Void Monitoring

How GGS makes continuous sub-floor void monitoring commercially effective for you


  • The recent joint GGS and PAG training event held in Leeds was one of the best training courses I have attended for a long time. The digital copies of the presentations will help me share good practice knowledge with colleagues.


  • I am very grateful and impressed by the excellent communication from all and the quick turnaround. I’m also impressed with the information provided within, and the clarity of, the GGS Datapack® and I’ll certainly be in touch in respect of future projects.


Who we work with

We work with a range of clients across different industries.  Through our experience, we  have gained an understanding of the pressures that our clients are under and we strive to deliver timely, high quality, cost effective solutions.  Please choose the category that you fall into.


We provide environmental monitoring using Best Available Technologies to demonstrate that operations are not affecting baseline conditions.


Use GGS as a specialist subconsultant, to add confidence to your ground gas risk assessment and save your clients time and money.


GGS use continuous ground-gas monitoring to shorten monitoring periods and reduce over-designed protection measures.


Increase confidence in containment systems through continuous monitoring of active landfills.


Understand the real risks and liabilities for negotiations and valuations by using our unique continuous monitoring service.


GGS supports local authority in Part 2A investigations by improving ground-gas risk assessment.