What is GasClam?

21May / 2011

What is GasClam?

GasClam® is an in-borehole ground-gas monitor, providing unmanned data collection of ground-gas concentrations.  It collects data of high temporal resolution, sampling at frequencies as high as three minute intervals.

The gases measured are:

  • Methane
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Oxygen
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Hydrogen sulphide
  • Total Volatile Organic Compounds

Also measured are environmental parameters, atmospheric pressure, borehole pressure and temperature.  These allow correlations to be drawn and ground-gas drivers to be identified.

GasClam® seals into a standard 50mm borehole or larger, GGS also have experience of installing GasClam® in alternative locations, see GasClam® specification for more details.

GasClam® is intrinsically safe and ATEX approved, so it can be used on sites where there are explosive ground-gas concentrations.

GGS owns the largest fleet of GasClam®s in the country.  GGS staff is experienced in using the instrument in the field, as well as being competent in data download, analysis and interpretation.

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