Shale Gas and Onshore Petroleum Conference: Future Business and Supply Chain

27Apr / 2016

Shale Gas and Onshore Petroleum Conference: Future Business and Supply Chain

Ground Gas Solutions (GGS) attended a successful regional conference this week on business opportunities arising from shale in North Yorkshire and across the UK.

Nearly 200 people attended ‘Future Business Opportunities for North Yorkshire Onshore Oil and Gas’ organised by The Onshore Energy Services Group (OESG) in Scarborough. Representatives from local businesses heard about the scope and size of this emerging industry and were keen to hear about how they could get involved in forming a Yorkshire supply chain.

Delegates heard from a range of speakers, including industry experts, operators and representatives from SMEs. Leading onshore operators set the context by speaking about the UK’s heritage in onshore oil and gas sector, which was established in the 1940s to support the war effort and still continues today. Further to this, North Yorkshire has a rich history in the industry that dates back to the 1930s, and with the discovery of shale deposits now has a unique chance to continue it’s role whilst enhancing the economic potential of the region.


Ken Cronin of UK Onshore Oil and Gas (UKOOG)

Lee Petts, Chief Executor of OESG and Managing Director of Remsol, highlighted that UK SMEs were best placed to support the industry through their market leading expertise, innovation and responsiveness. Ken Cronin, Chief Executive of UK Onshore Oil and Gas (UKOOG), made the prevalent point that the UK has a world class regulatory system that ensures environmental protection. He also emphasised the fact that shale gas has one of the smallest carbon footprints of all fossil fuels; therefore use of this and renewable energies would substantially reduce our green-house gas emissions.


Lee Petts of OESG and Remsol

GGS is proud to be a founding member of OESG, an organisation set up by and for UK SMEs in the onshore energy sector with the emphasis on job creation, best value for money for operators, and contributing to the British Exchequer for the benefit of all. GGS’s role as an independent gas monitoring specialist providing effective risk management and continuous data collection offers impartial evidence and advice that benefit not just operators, but regulators and communities as well. With the focus on onshore hydrocarbons alongside other energy technologies such as renewables, the OESG see a long-term future for indigenously produced energy sources.

Founding members of the The Onshore Energy Services Group (OESG)

Simon Talbot, founder of GGS commented about the event, ‘The OESG has a valuable role in representing British SMEs in this sector and one that is supported by the leading operators. 2016 will be an important milestone in the emerging UK shale gas sector. Watch this space.’

For more information on the OESG, visit their website here.

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