CCC confirms Shale Gas can be compatible with carbon budgets

13Jul / 2016

CCC confirms Shale Gas can be compatible with carbon budgets

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has announced that the development of shale gas has the potential to be compatible with UK carbon budgets when certain checks are performed.

Andrea Leadsom, Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change, informed the House of Commons that the Government welcomed the CCC’s conclusion that shale gas is compatible with carbon budgets if certain conditions are met. The CCC declared confidence in the UK’s strong regulatory regime and it’s belief that existing regulators have the appropriate powers to ensure that emissions are minimised.

Shale gas is understood to have one of the smallest carbon footprints of all fossil fuels, making it a potentially valuable transition fuel as alternative forms of energy are investigated and developed.

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Whilst admitting that the UK regulatory system surrounding shale could be world leading, the CCC made clear the circumstances in which shale gas production could safely begin.

Appropriate environmental precautions must be enforced in the form of three key tests:

Test 1: Emissions must be tightly regulated and closely monitored using best available technologies and techniques to ensure rapid action to address leaks. Catching potentially significant methane leaks early is essential to limiting the impact of super-emitters.

Test 2: Gas consumption must remain in line with carbon budgets requirements. UK shale gas production needs to displace imported gas rather than increasing overall domestic consumption.

Test 3: Shale gas production emissions must be accommodated within existing UK carbon budgets. Additional emissions produced by shale gas needs to be offset through reductions elsewhere in the UK economy to ensure that this increase does not exceed carbon budgets

Ground-Gas Solutions (GGS) believes that the best way to ensure the safe production of shale gas is through applying continuous-monitoring technologies. Assessing the baseline conditions of the site followed by consistent, close-observation of activity is the only way to ensure early warning and quick remediation of leakages.

GGS are experts in continuous monitoring and is prepared to service this industry using leading edge techniques that safeguard the harnessing of shale gas, whilst offering value for money for the client and instilling confidence in regulators and communities.

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