'The Science of Shale' featured in Shale Gas International

19May / 2016

‘The Science of Shale’ featured in Shale Gas International

Ground-Gas Solutions (GGS) was recently asked to produce an analysis piece on the role of ground-gas monitoring in the shale industry. The article has now been published in the latest edition of Shale Gas International.

Written by GGS Commercial Manager, Richard Lavery, the feature approaches the potential for UK onshore petroleum from an independent standpoint, highlighting the essential part that neutral bodies have to play in monitoring the industry, and questioning whether the fears associated with shale are based on informed consideration or perceived risk.

When dealing with the alleged controversial aspects of the shale industry, the article highlights that United Kingdom regulations for onshore petroleum exploration are some of the most stringent in the world. The duty of care is handed directly to the operator, encouraging adherence to standards and a focus on continuous improvement. The result of this is the potential for UK shale gas exploration to have full control over the environmental credentials of the operation, thus allowing for the responsible and moral development of resources.

United Kingdom Onshore Oil and Gas (UKOOG) make clear the importance of collecting baseline ground-gas data before site development commences, followed by the implementation of continuous ground-gas monitoring technologies once exploration commences. This inevitably leads to a holistic understanding of planned exploration sites backed up with scientific testing and strong data. GGS’s approach to environmental monitoring helped shape these guidelines, demonstrating that effective risk management through independent bodies is essential and would go a long way to allaying negative perceptions. It is here that the value of independent bodies such as GGS becomes evident through enabling the transparent collection of site specific data, leading to impartial evidence and advice that benefit not just operators, but regulators and communities as well.

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You can read ‘The Science of Shale’ in full here.