GGS Technical Director appointed vice-chair of Radon Council

16Oct / 2018

GGS Technical Director appointed vice-chair of Radon Council

GGS Technical Director, John Naylor, was recently appointed vice-chair of the Radon Council. Here we talk about the value of the organisation and what John has planned for its future.

What is the Radon Council? 

The Radon Council is the independent non-profit making regulatory body for the UK radon industry.

Its formation in 1991 was prompted by the Interim Report of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Indoor Pollution, which called upon industry experts to provide a solution to the increasing risk of radon exposure. The council’s first objective was to perform an audit of existing practices and training resources for dealing with radon, which were replaced with a consistent, industry established and regulated system. This lead to the creation of the first Radon approved training manual and code of practice for council members. Having just celebrated its 25th anniversary, the Radon Council continues to be a major political and industry influence concerning radon awareness and protection.

GGS radon council How are GGS involved?

GGS’ involvement in radon began in 2010 when the company started looking at ground gas risks outside of the industry’s typical scope, such as methane, carbon dioxide and trace components including Total Volatile Organic Compounds. It became apparent that the process of monitoring radon gas was not standardised or informed by any acknowledged best practice. With the Health & Safety Executive identifying an estimated 1100 premature deaths due to radon gas exposure it was clear that awareness needed to be increased.

A prerequisite of becoming a member involves passing the council’s training course and exam, which ensures members are fully informed of best practice. Having completed the course, GGS became members of the Radon Council in 2011 and now contributes content to this course on radon detection and remediation.

John’s plans as vice-chair of the Radon Council 

GGS radon council Having been an elected member since 2015, in his new position as vice chair John Naylor looks forward to supporting the chair, Professor Gavin Gilmore, fellow directors and members to further promote Radon awareness across the industry. He will also be focussing on further developing membership.

John had this to say; “My experience on site tells me that many builders are unaware of the risks of radon and as a result not enough effort is being made to ensure that protection measures are adequately installed and verified. I intend to seek engagement from regulators and builders to raise the bar.

Bringing my experience from ground gas assessment, gas protection and verification, I look forward to delivering radon training and providing a point of contact for members and other interested parties should they need advice and guidance.”


What are the benefits of Radon Council membership?

The benefits of being a member of the Radon Council include:

  • Being part of a self-regulatory body for radon professionals that includes regulators, academia, testing laboratories, consultants, remediation contractors and verification specialists.
  • Taking advantage of regular networking opportunities with other radon professionals.
  • Access to training courses and technical manuals for radon.
  • Inclusion at meetings including briefings from industry experts to keep you up to date with radon matters.
  • Forming part of the only reputed UK radon contractors list for potential clients to access.


How do I find out more? GGS radon council

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Radon Council, click here.

If you would like to speak to John Naylor, click here.

To visit the Radon Council website, click here.