Radon risk assessment and monitoring

Radon risk assessment and monitoring

Project Title: School Radon Assessment
Client: Local School
Project Start date: June 2010
Project End Date: October 2010
Services Provided:

  • Radon monitoring
  • Radon risk assessment
  • Advice on action to be taken

School Radon Investigation

Radon risk assessment and monitoring

Ground-Gas Solutions were commissioned by a local school in Cumbria to carry out radon monitoring and risk assessment. The school lies in a radon affected area, where 10-30% of homes are exposed to radon levels which require action to be taken. It is also a residential school and therefore the site use required careful consideration for exposure assessment. The Health and Safety Executive required the school to investigate their radon levels, to ensure the health of the pupils and staff was not being compromised.

The conclusions of the investigation would allow the school to make a decision as to whether radon protection measures were necessary to safeguard the health of pupils and staff.

Radon monitoring
Due to the high temporal and spatial variability in radon concentrations, a high proportion of ground floor rooms in the school were chosen for 90 day radon detection. Track-etch detectors were installed in places where disturbance would be kept to a minimum and no other factors would skew the results, such as heating or water sources.

Risk Assessment and Conclusions
The results of the radon detection showed that radon levels in all monitored rooms were well below the action and target levels for radon in the home. The chart below shows the radon levels detected and the estimated annual maximum exposures (adjusted for worst case seasonal variations). These are compared with the target level, action level for the home and action level for the workplace.

GGS recommended that no action was required to reduce radon levels at the school and risk from radon exposure to both staff and pupils was acceptable.

The methods utilised by GGS comply with the Ionising Radiation Regulations (1999) and the results of the reporting have satisfied the HSE that no action needs to be taken to reduce radon levels at the school.

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