NQMS for Land Contamination has arrived

11Jan / 2017

NQMS for Land Contamination has arrived

This week the Land Forum launched the National Quality Mark Scheme for Land Contamination Management (NQMS).

Developed by the Land Forum with the support of DCLG and DEFRA, the NQMS strives to increase confidence in and improve the quality of submissions made under regulatory regimes, particularly planning applications involving previously developed land.

Land contamination documents to be submitted by developers to regulators for development planning can now bear an individual Quality Mark. This will act as proof that the work has been conducted in line with best practice and adheres to relevant procedural guidance.

The Quality Mark will be accompanied by a Declaration of Document Adequacy that is signed by a Suitably Qualified and Experienced Person (SQP). An SQP is a registered individual who has been assessed as competent under the National Brownfield Skills Framework. They will have either undertaken or reviewed the work, which will then be added to a register of all documents that have been approved under the scheme along with their unique scheme registration number. These will be available for cross-checking, as well as details of the relevant SQP.

Managing Director of GGS, Simon Talbot, commented “The NQMS is a great step towards consistent and high quality environmental assessments of contaminated land. My colleagues and I look forward to acquiring the SQP qualification.’

For further information on the NQMS visit the CL:AIRE website.

For more details on how to become a SQP, click here.