Landfill Aftercare Forum on the latest support systems

26Apr / 2016

Landfill Aftercare Forum on the latest support systems

Ground-Gas Solutions is delighted to be attending the forthcoming Landfill Aftercare Decision Support System (LANDSS) forum.

With recent reports released on Contaminated Land and the Part 2A regime by the Environmental Agency and Natural Resources Wales, the treatment of former landfill sites is at the forefront of environmental care.

LANDSS is being developed as a Decision Support System (DSS) covering aspects of landfill engineering, with particular emphasis on environmental control, sustainability and long term aftercare.

With the aim of presenting current expertise at multiple levels of detail, this forum is relevant to a range of parties including landfill operators, environmental consultants, regulators and researchers.

The organisation’s considered  and diligent approach is evidenced through it’s consultation with stakeholders through this landfill aftercare forum. With support services to operational and former landfill sites being one of GGS’s core services, we look forward to contributing to a successful event.

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For more details on GGS’s services for operational and former landfill sites, click here.