Ground-Gas Solutions pass first year ISO audit

21Mar / 2016

Ground-Gas Solutions pass first year ISO audit

Ground-Gas Solutions (GGS) is very pleased to confirm that the company has passed it’s first year audit for ISO accreditation , including:

  • 9001 Quality Assurance
  • 14001 Environmental Management
  • 18001 Health & Safety

These qualifications demonstrate the organisation’s commitment to key performance standards, such as minimising environmental impact, managing risk and delivering consistent services of outstanding quality.

Achieving the certifications not only improves our ability to meet customer requirements and expectations, but significantly enhances our chance of success when bidding for tenders.

GGS Managing Director Simon Talbot comments, ‘Passing this first audit is in no small part due to the team’s efforts in complying with our policies and systems. There’s no better demonstration of commitment to quality, safety and efficiency.’

ISO certs