IGas Acknowledges importance of GGS

03Apr / 2014

IGas Acknowledges importance of GGS

Speaking at Unconventional Gas Aberdeen 2014, Andrew Austin, CEO of IGas Energy acknowledged the role of Ground-Gas Solutions in environmental baseline monitoring for the shale gas industry.  GGS was able to prove the existence of natural biogenic gas at an IGas site prior to drilling activity.  This provided crucial baseline data for the site, on which a comparison could be made during the operational phase of the well.

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GGS’s environmental baseline monitoring service provides operators in the shale gas and onshore petroleum industry with a detailed picture of baseline conditions before any extraction activity takes place.  During operations, GGS can therefore show that contaminants used are not being released into the surrounding environment.  Should any accidental release of contaminants occur, GGS will provide an early warning to the operator that action must be taken.

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