Hydraulic Fracturing planning application by Third Energy is approved

24May / 2016

Hydraulic Fracturing planning application by Third Energy is approved

A planning application for hydraulic fracturing at Third Energy’s KM8 well has been approved by Councillors in North Yorkshire. 

Yesterday the first planning application involving hydraulic fracturing since 2011 was approved. The decision follows the granting of environmental permits for the site by the Environment Agency and the impact of the North Yorkshire Planning Officers Report, which recommended that the application be approved.

The well, located near the village of Kirby Misperton, was first drilled in 2013. Following inspection from an independent well examiner, Health and Safety Executive and approval by the local council, drilling was carried out successfully causing no damage to the environment or local community.

The decision is welcomed by the onshore oil and gas industry. Ken Cronin, Chief Executive of United Kingdom Onshore Oil and Gas (UKOOG), has advocated the decision, which will allow the exploration of UK shale resources to begin, whilst helping to dispel many of the misleading claims that have been made about hydraulic fracturing.

The success of the application pushes to the forefront not only the potential of UK onshore petroleum exploration, but the need for its responsible and moral development. Chief Executive of Third Energy, Rasik Valand, acknowledged that the company now had a ‘huge responsibility’ to deliver on its commitment ‘to undertake this operation safely and without impacting on the local environment.’

Managing Director of Ground-Gas Solutions (GGS), Simon Talbot, commented:

‘The decision to grant permission to Third Energy takes the UK one step closer to understanding whether it has commercially viable shale gas resources. GGS believes that UK onshore petroleum resources can be safely explored provided operations are carried out to industry best practice, are tightly regulated and independently monitored.

As a professional and independent environmental consultant, GGS is committed to carrying out market leading monitoring services on such sites across the UK.’

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