Ground gas webinars and training for 2020

19Nov / 2019

Ground gas webinars and training for 2020

Following the popularity of this year’s series, GGS is delighted to announce that their 2020 ground gas webinars and training dates are now open for booking.


This new exclusive series of six webinars, presented by GGS Managing Director Simon Talbot, will draw upon his 20 years of experience in contaminated land management and ground gas monitoring. Current topics including mines gas, ground gas risk assessment, and the pollutant linkage model, will be covered within the framework of current guidance. Suitable for professionals of all levels, these webinars offer an invaluable opportunity for delegates to update their knowledge and start applying best practice techniques.

Most of these online sessions are free with two exclusive paid for webinars available for booking. Each webinar has limited availability so book your space soon.

Webinar 1: Mines gas hazards, monitoring and risk assessment

11am Wednesday 11th March 2020                       

Following the Gorebridge incident, the Scottish Government commissioned research into the prevalence of CO2 from disused mineral mines and the implications for residential buildings. The Gorebridge incident is not unique and many other similar events have occurred in recent years.

This webinar will discuss the mines gas hazard and the lessons learnt in the Scottish Government’s report in respect of monitoring, risk assessing and protecting new buildings at risk from former mining areas.

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NEW! Webinar 2: Geology 101 for ground-gas risk assessors

11am Wednesday 22nd April

Ground gas contamination is largely a geological problem but many professionals who work for consultants or regulators are environmental scientists without a good understanding of the geological processes or principles that affect ground gas regimes.

This webinar will discuss these processes and principles through worked examples to help inform a better understanding of ground gas behaviour and its hazards.

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Webinar 3 – Lines of evidence to inform a ground gas risk assessment

11am Wednesday 10th June 2020                         

The ground gas hazard is a geological problem which requires an engineering solution. The interface between these two disciplines is the ground gas risk assessment, which summarises the first and informs the second.

As a site’s geology is almost always varied, it is important that multiple lines of evidence are used to provide the highest confidence that the gas regime is adequately characterised.

This webinar will discuss the range and limitations of the ground gas evidence that may be available.

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Webinar 4: Ground gas protection, installation and verification 

11am Wednesday 9th September 2020               

If the ground gas hazard is controlled by geological uncertainty, gas protection should be designed with engineering certainty. However, the success of the protection measures are dependent on the quality of the installation and verification.

This webinar will discuss the BS 8485 design elements and what constitutes good practice in verification with examples of where things go wrong.

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NEW! Webinar 5: The Science of Ground-gas Migration

11am Wednesday 7th October 2020

Building on Geology 101 (Webinar 2, 22nd April) , this presentation will go into further detail of the modes and drivers of ground gas migration and how better monitoring techniques can lead to better data.

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Webinar 6: Overview of a source-pathway-receptor ground-gas pollutant linkage model

11am Wednesday 18th November 2020             

This webinar is a refresher on the different elements that need to be considered in a Conceptual Site Model (CSM) that will adequately describe a credible potential ground gas pollutant linkage.

Once a provisional CSM has been defined this should then be subject to appropriate monitoring to demonstrate the degree of linkage that may exist.

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2020 marks our 8th year of delivering ‘The A – Z of Ground Gas’. It’s been a pleasure to instruct hundreds of professionals in best practice techniques that improve their service delivery, and save them time and money.

Now GGS and PAGeotechnical look forward to another successful year of training lots of new delegates who, like us, are committed to raising industry standards in ground gas monitoring.

  • Telford Tuesday 28th – Wednesday 29th January
  • Glasgow Tuesday 3rd – Wednesday 4th March
  • Oxford Tuesday 28th April – Wednesday 29th April
  • Tunbridge Wells Tuesday 16th & Wednesday 17th June
  • Preston Tuesday 13th & Wednesday 14th October
  • York Tuesday 24th & Wednesday 25th November

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Please email Sophie Tranter to secure your place.

We look forward to speaking to plenty of new and existing delegates in 2020.

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