Ground gas verification protection measures: We know what to look for

17Oct / 2016

Ground gas verification protection measures: We know what to look for

You can rely on GGS’ expert team to correctly identify flaws in any ground gas verification protection measure.

Take a look at this video. What’s going on here? And what’s that sound?

What we’re seeing in this short video is one of the GGS team performing verification of ground gas protection measures using an air lance test. The engineer performs the examination by tracing the seams of the membrane using an air lance at a 5cm distance. The purpose of this examination is to assess the seams of a ground gas membrane for potential punctures or tears.


The sign of a gas protection measure failure can be:

1) A high pitched sound (like the one in the video) that an be heard when air is pumped across the membrane surface, signifying a small hole in the surface.

2) If the membrane starts to inflate with air during an air lance test, indicating a larger hole that is letting air underneath or in between the membrane layers.

Therefore the sign of a non-conformance can be audio or visual.

What follows next is our engineer would mark up the affected area, report it to the membrane installer, and suggest suitable repairs. Once these have been applied, the chance of unnecessary human exposure to harmful ground gas is drastically reduced.


Why choose GGS as your verification specialist

At GGS we carry out independent verification of ground-gas protection measures that result in dependable assessments and remediation suggestions. You can rely on the expertise and approachability of our team of verification specialists who deliver a top quality service which is in line with best practice, resulting in cost-effective and efficient solutions.

The GGS verification service provides:

  • Production of a Verification Plan
  • Visual inspection of gas protection measures
  • Integrity testing (non-destructive seam tests, air lance and tracer gas testing)
  • Continuous verification monitoring (quantitative demonstration of effectiveness of gas protection systems)
  • Awareness training of site operatives and follow on trades (maximising membrane integrity post installation)
  • On site construction quality assurance (CQA) supervision
  • Verification reporting


Read the GGS Verification for Gas Protection Measures brochure here.

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