Ground gas training for an evolving industry: 2018 delegate feedback

20Nov / 2018

Ground gas training for an evolving industry: 2018 delegate feedback

Despite having delivered ground gas training across the UK and overseas for nearly ten years, we never grow tired of the reception and interaction we receive from delegates. Here are some of the best comments we’ve received from trainees on our “A-Z of Ground Gas” training course in 2018.  

The commitment, drive and intelligence of our training course delegates never ceases to impress us. Each year it proves that the contaminated land sector continues to move forward not just in new techniques and technology, but in attention to detail, diligence and exceptional standards. It gives us assurances, and the fact that we are contributing to these standards each year through our training courses makes us proud.

Having enjoyed reading the delegate feedback from our eight events this year, here are the comments we found most interesting.

ground gas training“Exceptional course delivered clearly by experienced trainers. The subject matter was appropriate and with relevant case studies.” NX Consulting, Director

“Excellent course. I would highly recommend. Great content, informative and very interesting.” Senior Engineer, ARUP

“Highly recommend this course to anyone involved in ground gas risk assessment and verification.” Geo-Environmental Engineer, RSK

“All consultants that undertake any assessment of ground gas should attend this course.” Principal Geo-environmental Consultant, Tier Environmental

★★★★★, Director, Walker Waterproofing

“Very useful! An excellent training programme. The hands on aspect makes it interesting and memorable. I will recommend this to my colleagues.” Geo-Environmental Engineer, IGE Consulting

“Informative, if scary*.” REC, Consultant

* The messages within the course content, not the style of delivery!

“Excellent training covering technical and practical aspects of ground gas protection.” Contaminated Land Officer, Bath and NE Somerset Council

“Eye opener!” Geo-Environmental Consultant, BRD Environmental Ltd

“Experienced consultants. Gained knowledge and reinforced current understanding. Really useful for consultants.” Managing Director, BRD Environmental Ltd

“Thank you very much for inviting me to attend this training. As a regulator, I now have a better understanding of what I should be looking for both in a report and on site.” Senior Environmental Health Officer, Corby Borough Council

Thinking of joining your first “A-Z of Ground Gas” course? Or are you thinking of returning for a refresher?

The benefits of attending our training courses, identified by our delegates, include:

  • Understanding the full range of benefits of continuous ground gas monitoring
  • Gain an update on industry standards and best practice
  • Learn from experts with 10 years of experience
  • Expand your knowledge of the threats and impacts of Radon exposure
  • Increased confidence when interpreting ground gas data
  • Develop practical skills and techniques for ground gas verification
  • Improve accuracy and know the right questions to ask when performing ground gas risk assessments
  • Understand the value of using graphics and charts to communicate complex data

GGS training has been identified as beneficial for consultants, regulators and developers. Not only does the “A – Z of Ground Gas” encourage delegates to enhance their own practice standards, it gives them the practical tools and best practice techniques to achieve the highest industry guidance standards. With improved practice comes better quality decision making, and ultimately time and cost savings.

Many thanks to all of our 2018 trainees and our partner trainer, PAGeotechnical

Keep your eyes peeled for 2019 dates coming soon.