Ground-Gas Solutions featured in Natural Gas Europe

12Jul / 2012

Ground-Gas Solutions featured in Natural Gas Europe

A recent article in Natural Gas Europe has featured the Managing Director of Ground-Gas Solutions, Mr Simon Talbot. The focus of the article outlines the services that GGS can offer to unconventional petroleum companies. By working closely with Cuadrilla Resources, GGS has developed a best practice approach through continuous ground gas monitoring.

The use of the GasClam technology allows the continuous monitoring of ground gases at the exploration pads before, during and after site operations. A key element of the GGS system is the accurate identification of the baseline conditions and the natural variations in the ground-gas and groundwater regime at a site. This baseline data is then used as comparitor for future data sets.

GGS’ independent expertise can provide confidence to the operator, the regulators and the local community that unconventional petroluem operations are not causing any contamination issues.

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