New Ground-Gas Solutions brochure available

29Jun / 2016

New Ground-Gas Solutions brochure available

Ground-Gas Solutions (GGS) is proud to present their new environmental monitoring services brochure.

Having added several new services to our core offer of continuous monitoring in the field of contaminated land, GGS now provides a suite of professional, cost-effective solutions to our customers.

From humble beginnings, GGS has transformed into a diverse team committed to providing a professional, expert service. Having consistently championed continuous ground-gas monitoring as the best practice technique for characterising the gas regime at problem sites, GGS has built a solid reputation for providing innovative solutions coupled with high quality, responsive service.



Within the brochure you can find out more about our seven specialist services:

• Continuous Monitoring
• Indoor & Outdoor Air Quality
• Due Diligence
• Contaminated Land and Part 2A Investigations
• Landfill Monitoring Services
• Radon Assessment & Verification
• Verification of Gas Protection Measures

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