Radon Monitoring Services

Radon monitoring services

Understanding the hazard and managing the risk


Radon is created by the radioactive decay of uranium that ocurs naturally in all rocks and soils. It’s present in the ground and normally will harmlessly escape to the atmosphere. The problem arises when it is trapped in buildings where it can be breathed in. This wasn’t a problem in older, draughty buildings but is potentially a problem .in modern, air-tight offices and homes.


The real risk is not from radon gas itself but the radioactive daughter products from its decay.  These are solid radioactive elements that can lodge in the lungs where they continue to decay, potentially leading to lung cancer. A report published by Public Health England[1] estimated that radon is a cause in over 1,100 lung cancer deaths each year in the UK. The second largest cause after smoking.

Indicative maps have been produced by the British Geological Survey of higher risk areas. However, it’s the building design and construction details that most affect whether radon can enter a building with the greatest risk associated with buildings with basements or cellars.

However, the strongest regulation applies to employers who, through Health & Safety regulations carry a legal duty to ensure that their employees work in a safe environment.


GGS offers a discrete monitoring and assessment service to help reduce radon exposure


GGS are members of the Radon Council and are committed to providing safe and discrete radon testing using state of the art technology.

Initial ten day screening tests are available as well as the recommended three month tests, which provide a more reliable assessment of average annual exposure.

Addressing radon is also important in the construction of new buildings. GGS carries out a unique radon monitoring services as an addition to its continuous ground-gas monitoring and risk assessment  service and will provide professional mitigation and remediation advice.

If you are responsible for the management of commercial or public buildings, GGS can also assist in fulfilling your duties under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Ionising Radiation Regulations 1999.

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