Continuous ground gas monitoring for Landfill

GGS has a successful history of providing tailored solutions to the landfill industry through our use of continuous ground gas monitoring. By applying best practice techniques using market leading technology we offer a site-specific service to advise and help manage ground gas issues at a range of landfill types.

As the UK’s leading environmental consultancy specialising in continuous ground gas monitoring, our team of GGS’ specialists use our state of the art technology to provide timely solutions to landfill operators.

Delivering ground gas risk assessments using high quality data, detailed analysis and interpretation, we offer a holistic service that can substantially reduce permitting timescales and significantly reduce costs.

The benefits of using continuous monitoring with GGS:

  • Obtain the highest quality data using our state of the art GasSentinel® monitoring devices
  • Gain a true understanding of your landfill site with continuous baseline monitoring
  • Acquire the best quality data possible
  • Access your data fast with our telemetry-enabled devices
  • Reduce the time required to gain and surrender landfill permits
  • Reduce costs by swapping conventional ‘spot monitoring’ for continuous monitoring
  • Feel confident that you are using the best practice techniques and technology available

Continuous ground gas monitoring for landfill

Continuous ground gas monitoring is the best practice technique for understanding the ground gas regime as part of landfill environmental permit requirements.

Using our market leading GasSentinel® devices, the first UK designed on-borehole continuous ground gas monitoring unit, GGS delivers better quality data to the landfill sector. The wealth of information our technology provides can accurately identify  gas generation and migration behaviour. This ultimately leads to an improved understanding of the landfill conditions and allows for more effective site management.

Unlike periodic or ‘spot monitoring’ monitoring which can be a lengthy process that sometimes leaves ambiguity in the results, continuous monitoring reduces uncertainty and can dramatically shorten monitoring periods.

Our highly skilled and trained staff have vast experience in undertaking ground gas monitoring in accordance with the latest regulatory standards. With GGS, you can be assured that every aspect of your project is completed successfully.

Services included in GGS continuous monitoring for landfill:

GGS landfill gas monitoring

  • Continuous landfill gas monitoring
  • Continuous baseline monitoring
  • Migration pathway investigation and analysis
  • Part 2A investigations
  • Surface Emissions Survey (SES)
  • Quantitative-Surface Emissions Survey (Q-SES)
  • Purge and Recovery Tests (GGS PRT®)
  • Advanced flux box surveys
  • Landfill permit surrender applications
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Active and passive gas sampling (Tedlar bag gas samples and air quality assessments)

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