Ground-Gas Verification

GGS Verification Services for Gas Protection Measures

Ensuring your developments are safe for use


“In the case of development, whether the hazardous gas source is natural or man made, it should be considered an ‘engineering failure’ where such gases are found to be elevated to levels which may cause damage to property or adversely affect the health and wellbeing of users of that development.”


Full gas membrane

Above: Ground-gas membrane installation

Development on land affected by ground-gas is increasing. Identifying ground-gas contamination hazards is the first stage of the process that leads to risk assessment, remedial design and finally installation of protection measures. However, if the protection system is not verified then the costs of applying it are a wasted investment.

Regulators are increasingly requiring professional verification reports to be submitted before planning conditions can be discharged. Achieving a good standard of installation of gas protection measures is critical and requires a skilled workforce.

Verification of these measures is the vital last step in ensuring quality and, most importantly, demonstrating the development is safe for use. GGS is a market leader in providing the verification services that meet this need.


GGS staff works in line with current best practice standards, including:

  • Production of verification plans at the design stage
  • Selection of robust gas protection membranes
  • Awareness training (tool-box talks) for site operatives to reduce risk of damage to gas protection measures
  • Third party verification of ventilation systems on site
  • Third party verification of gas proof membrane installation, including visual inspection, integrity testing, air lancing and tracer gas testing.


GGS offers a one-stop shop for independent verification services


We understand the complexity of ground-gas issues within the construction process.

Equipped with state of the art technology, GGS has the expertise to implement market leading protection and integrity testing systems efficiently and with the least disruption to the build programme.

By employing our trained team of specialists, our customers can guarantee the highest quality reporting and guidance through the whole validation and verification process.


GGS offers the following suite of ground gas verification services: 

  • Independent 3rd party verification in line with current standards (BS 8485:2015, CIRIA C735)
  • Tool-box training for site operatives
  • Production of a verification plan
  • Visual inspection of gas protection measures by trained specialists
  • Integrity testing (non-destructive seam tests, air lance and tracer-gas testing)
  • On site construction quality assurance (CQA) supervision
  • Verification reporting and certification



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