Continuous Ground-Gas Monitoring

GGS Continuous Ground-Gas Monitoring

Market leading ground-gas monitoring and risk assessment

Continuous ground-gas monitoring has come of age. It is now recognised as the best practice technique for accurately characterising ground-gas hazards and associated risks.

The high quality data it captures demonstrates gas variability through time and, importantly, the changing environmental parameters that affect it.

The data this process yields is much more likely to capture real conditions than spot monitoring and within relatively short time periods. This ultimately results in better informed decision making, time savings and cost effectiveness.

Make the right decision first time with continuous ground gas monitoring:

  • Gain a true understanding of the ground-gas regime
  • Make informed decisions based on the robust, high quality data
  • Reduce scale and scope of remediation actions
  • Focus resources on accurately defined problems
  • Make cost and time savings


GGS is the market leader for specialist continuous ground-gas monitoring

With a reputation for high quality services and innovative technologies, GGS is trusted to risk assess and remediate low and high risk sites through accurate ground-gas characterisation. With over ten years experience in continuous ground-gas monitoring, you can trust GGS’ experts to deliver high quality gas monitoring data at a competitive price to the Contaminated Land sector.

Having one of the country’s largest fleets of telemetry enabled continuous monitoring devices, which are maintained and calibrated by specialist GGS staff, we are able to respond swiftly to client needs and deliver the right quantity of quality data on time and within budget.

Committed to adding value at every level of service, and with our enhanced and customisable technology, we deliver site specific professional solutions, reliable reporting and trusted expert advice.

Providing a complete service, including site deployment, continuous ground-gas data interpretation, risk assessment and design solutions, GGS is the preferred supplier for the UK’s major environmental consultants, planning regulators and developers.

GGS continuous ground-gas monitoring services deliver:

  • Accurate ground-gas data of the highest quality


  • A complete service from site deployment to remediation solutions
  • Telemetry enabled devices that cut down monitoring times and site visits
  • Factual and interpretive reports in a format that meets your needs
  • Quick response and delivery of projects
  • Assistance with regulatory requirements and permits
  • Advice and guidance from a team of leading industry experts

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