Ground gas protection and verification qualification on its way

25Jun / 2018

Ground gas protection and verification qualification on its way

The accurate risk assessment of ground gas affected properties and verification of their protection measures can mean the difference between the discharge of planning permissions and declaration that a development is not fit for purpose.

GGS ground gas protectionRegulators are increasingly requiring professional verification reports to be submitted before planning conditions can be issued. Achieving a good standard of installation of gas protection measures is therefore critical and requires a skilled workforce.

The widespread promotion and adherence to these highest standards has led to the formation of a group that is planning an official qualification for ground gas verification. Some of the UK’s most highly qualified environmental consultancies have joined forces to create a standard that will add value, raise standards and introduce policing in the industry.

The British Verification Council (BVC), with elected officers including Ben Crowther (GGS), Paul Colbeck (Geoshield), and Richard Spencer (Geodyne), is working towards a nationally recognised OFQUAL approved NVQ (Level 4) in ‘Verification of Gas Protection Measures’.

A catalyst for the group was the clear need for an entirely independent group removed from installers and manufacturers of ground gas protection measures. The extensive scope of the verification of gas protection measures, as outlined in the principal driving documents such as BS 8485:2015, and CIRIA C735, C665 and C748, demonstrates that complete independence is crucial to a respected and reliable industry.

Members of the BVC, including a list of qualified individuals, will be listed on a forthcoming website, which will include:

GGS ground gas protection

  • Educational material for regulators and professionals in the building industry that need a single point of contact with regard to gas protection measures and verification
  • Links to companies who can demonstrate competence in verification and ground gas protection
  • Information on how to become a qualified verification specialist

The first list of trainees is being compiled with the hope that they will be the first successful holders of the NVQ in ‘Verification of Gas Protection Measures’ by Christmas.

If you’d like further information on the British Verification Council (BVC), please click here to email Ben Crowther.

If you’d like to know more about GGS independent verification services, please click here.