Continuous ground gas monitoring webinar series open for booking

31Jan / 2019

Continuous ground gas monitoring webinar series open for booking

Following the publication of the CL:AIRE technical bulletin, “Continuous Ground Gas Monitoring and the Lines of Evidence Approach to Risk Assessment”, GGS is hosting a series of free continuous ground gas monitoring webinars based on best practice in continuous ground gas monitoring.

This exclusive series of four webinars will draw from the expert content featured in the recent CL:AIRE technical bulletin published by GGS. The focus of the webinars will be current best practice in collecting and interpreting continuous ground gas data with reference to current guidance. The ideas, techniques and technology presented and discussed will be suitable for professionals who are starting their careers and those who wish to access the latest information on developments in continuous monitoring. These online sessions are free and will be of particular interest to geo-environmental consultants and regulators who deal with ground gas issues.

Webinar 1 – The development and principles of continuous ground gas monitoring
11am Wednesday 13th March 2019       Sign up here

This webinar will discuss the evolution of ground gas monitoring, from the challenges to traditional spot monitoring to the development of the continuous monitoring technique. These challenges include the variability of ground gases through time due to its interactions with changes in weather and groundwater.

Webinar 2 – Best practice in collecting continuous data
11am Wednesday 19th June 2019       Sign up here

This webinar will discuss the monitoring well as a scientific instrument; environmental correlations between gas concentrations, flow and changes in atmospheric pressure, temperature and ground-water. It will also cover the use of concentration duration curves and differential pressure assessments, including the benefits of continuous flow measurements and GSV calculations.

Webinar 3 – Continuous monitoring and the source-pathway-receptor (pollutant linkage) model
11am Wednesday 11th September 2019        Sign up here

While early guidance predicted a number of ground gas behaviours, several of these have only been clearly demonstrated with the advent of continuous ground gas monitoring. This webinar will discuss each of these in turn with representative examples from a wide range of case studies.

Webinar 4 – Continuous receptor monitoring (including Sub-Floor Void Monitoring)
Date and time – 11am Wednesday 20th November 2019       Sign up here

With the publication of CIRIA C735 the spotlight has been shone on ground gas protection installation. Where verification of installations is lacking developers are increasingly finding it difficult to have planning conditions discharged. One solution is to use continuous monitoring technologies and high-resolution gas detection to demonstrate that the development is safe. This approach will be discussed in this webinar and illustrated with worked examples.

Each webinar will last 1 hour and include a live QA. After the webinar, should you wish to receive more in-depth training, please click here for details of our two day ground gas training courses.

GGS ground gas webinar

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