GGS welcomes another University of Manchester student for work experience

31Aug / 2016

GGS welcomes another University of Manchester student for work experience

GGS enjoys a good relationship with the University of Manchester. Many of the GGS team have studied at Manchester University, from director to graduate level, studying geo-engineering, environmental science and even history. Therefore we’re delighted to have Malcolm join us this summer for some in office and on site work experience. Here’s a little more about him.

Name: Malcolm Thomas

University: Manchester

Course: BSc in Geology – second year

Duration: 4 weeks

Why GGS?

During my first year at university, I met Andrew from GGS at a careers fair. We actually got chatting about my local football team. Their ground had been built on contaminated land, which had raised some issues. Andrew explained the situation to me in a way I could understand, including the remedial action that would have been taken. This piqued my interest in contaminated land work.

I asked if I could pay a visit to the GGS offices some time, which I was told was no problem and that there may be an opportunity for summer work experience. Considering how difficult it is to get industry experience whilst studying, I jumped at the chance. After a tour of the office at Manchester Science Park and a short formal interview, I was asked to join the team in August.


What do you want to achieve whilst you’re with us?

Gaining some industry experience will put me in a good position after university. I want to put the theory I’ve learned into practice through hands on involvement. It will make me stand out from the crowd when looking for jobs after I graduate.

Currently I’m assisting with a Radon project, which is expanding my knowledge of the gas and its effects. My task is to transfer raw monitoring data into a spread sheet and convert it into graphs. I’ve also been on site, which I really enjoyed. I’m gaining valuable and varied experience through working in an office environment and on site, which is a balance I’d like to maintain in future roles.

And are you enjoying your time with GGS?

Yes, very much so. The team has been very welcoming and I’ve settled in nicely. We’ve even been for a few drinks with everyone after work.

Find out more about Radon in a recent article published by GGS by clicking here.