UK Shale Gas: GGS under the Spotlight

10Jun / 2014

UK Shale Gas: GGS under the Spotlight

GGS has been the first company featured in a series of ‘Spotlight on SMEs‘ blog posts.  There is a whole supply chain of SMEs which will benefit if shale is developed in the UK.  This series of blogs serves to highlight the major part that British SMEs have to play in the development of UK shale gas.

The article outlines the strength of the GGS service within the sector, highlighting the benefits of continuous monitoring in order to provide robust datasets on baseline conditions.  The types of baseline data collected include ground-gas concentrations, ground water conditions and water level, as well as other environmental conditions.

The data provides a comparison during the operational phase of a shale gas extraction well, demonstrating that baseline conditions are not being altered through hydraulic fracturing, or providing an early warning should a pollution incident occur.

This provides confidence to shale gas operators, regulators and the public that best available technologies are being utilised to extract shale gas with minimal environmental impact.

GGS shale gas monitoring illustration


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