GGS Gas Sentinel®: Next generation gas monitoring

21Oct / 2019

GGS Gas Sentinel®: Next generation gas monitoring

Following persistent demand from clients for high quality data, we are proud to say that the GGS Gas Sentinel is the exclusive telemetry enabled and continuous flow monitoring device that is making a real difference to gas monitoring.

John Naylor, Technical Director of GGS, talks us through the capabilitie of the GGS Gas Sentinel®

An important objective of any dedicated geo-environmental specialist is to find the most appropriate and efficient solution to a client’s problem. One essential requirement for this task is having the best available technology at your fingertips to guarantee accurate field data collection.

Having been involved in the development of the very first ground gas monitoring device over ten years ago, GGS has since had the perfect vantage point from which to observe and compare new instruments that have entered the market place. Having an experienced and critical eye for the key design aspects of such devices, including an instruments ability to acquire data accurately, it’s ease of installation and security on site, has led to a sound knowledge and firm assertion of what the best available technology for gas data acquisition requires.

It is through these assessments, plus a decade of extensive research and development into equipment design and installation, that the GGS Gas Sentinel® has come to market. Using the latest high-resolution sensor technology, this UK designed instrument collects the best quality data, offering clients a clear view of their challenges and guiding them towards ideal and prompt solutions.

Watch the video above or read on for an introduction to the GGS Gas Sentinel®.

Gas Sentinel®: The design   

  • Continuous gas concentration and flow monitoring
  • Secure in-borehole installation and reduced risk of data loss
  • Long battery life for extended site deployment
  • Multi-functional with customizable aspects
  • Compact and transportable design
  • Telemetry enabled for remote data acquisition
  • Developed by experts with over thirty years of ground gas contamination experience
  • British designed and made technology

Gas Sentinel®: The benefits

Get the highest quality data: Using custom designed sensors, the GGS Gas Sentinel® collects the highest quality data while providing protection from loss or corruption.

Reliable equipment deployment: The GGS Gas Sentinel® is a robust in-bore hole device with a more compact and discrete design than other units on the market.

Transportable and secure: Designed in the UK and built in-house, our industry leading technology is discrete, portable and enables reliable data capture.

Equipment longevity and care: With extended battery life, deployment times are significantly increased on a single charge of the Gas Sentinel®.

Multi-functional: The Gas Sentinel® is suited to a wide range of applications, from short and long-term continuous ground gas monitoring for landfill and contaminated land, to ambient and indoor air quality.

Telemetry enabled analysis: With two-way telemetry, the Gas Sentinel® has versatile remote data acquisition capabilities through an intuitive dashboard providing cost effective regulatory compliance.

Following persistent demand from cleints for high quality data, we are proud to say that the GGS Gas Sentinel® is the exclusive telemetry enabled and continuous flow monitoring device that is making a real difference to gas monitoring. Combined with our expert team of geo-environmental specialists ready to interpret and present the complex data acquired by the Gas Sentinel® in clear and intelligible reports, GGS and our clients have entered the next generation of gas monitoring.

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