GGS now has the largest fleet of continuous monitoring instruments in the UK

26Feb / 2018

GGS now has the largest fleet of continuous monitoring instruments in the UK

GGS is proud to announce that it now has the largest fleet of on-borehole continuous monitoring devices, including continuous flow, of any UK consultancy.

For the past 10 years GGS has committed itself to being at the forefront of best practice techniques and technology for continuous ground gas monitoring. It is therefore with great pride that we can announce that we have just taken delivery of another batch of GGS’ exclusive in-house continuous monitoring instrument, The Gas Sentinel® giving the company the largest fleet of continuous ground gas monitoring units in the UK.

The Gas Sentinel® is a transportable, continuous multi-gas analyser. Designed in the UK for use in explosive environments, it is easy to use for both short and long term continuous monitoring of landfill, contaminated land and onshore petroleum sites. With two-way telemetry, the Gas Sentinel® has versatile remote data acquisition capabilities through an intuitive dashboard providing cost effective regulatory compliance.

The new British designed and built Gas Sentinel® not only has telemetry and continuous flow monitoring, but fits onto standard 50 mm standpipes within either flush mounted or raised headworks, making it the instrument of choice for any situation where security is an issue.

The Gas Sentinel® is a versatile monitoring platform that is ideally suited for a variety of applications ranging from continuous ground gas monitoring to ambient and indoor air quality, making it the most advanced technology in the industry to date.

The GGS Gas Sentinel® service is underpinned by ten years of experience in ground gas equipment installation, data management and interpretation. The result is a cost effective and reliable continuous monitoring solution that delivers clearly presented visual data reports that clients and regulators can trust.

The benefits of using the GGS Gas Sentinel® include:  

  • Continuous gas concentration and flow monitoring
  • Continuous barometric and borehole pressure, relative humidity and temperature monitoring
  • Secure on-borehole installation
  • High resolution sub-floor void monitoring
  • Long battery life for extended site deployment
  • Telemetry enabled device for remote data acquisition
  • Compact transportable design
  • Intrinsically safe design (certification imminent)
  • Developed by experts with ten years of ground gas contamination experience
  • British designed and made technology

Whether you’re an existing or new customer, we’d be delighted to speak to you about how the GGS Gas Sentinel® can enable you to improve the speed and quality of your on-site data collection.

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