GGS – Experts in Continuous Monitoring

20Feb / 2017

GGS – Experts in Continuous Monitoring

GGS may have a shorter name, but our list of services is growing longer. Read on to hear more about our brand refresh and new offers.

On average, organisations change their corporate identities once every seven to ten years. Whether its market forces, mergers or a timely makeover, the face of business is always changing.

It’s the changing face of business at Ground-Gas Solutions that has inspired a refresh of our brand identity.

The true impetus lies in the organisation’s evolution from a team of two specialists offering one product, to a multi-skilled team of experts providing a suite of specialist environmental monitoring services.

From offering solely ground gas monitoring, GGS now delivers a broad range of high quality continuous monitoring and risk assessment services for contaminated land, indoor air quality, radon and landfill gas hazards associated with both new and existing developments.

This has involved developing new techniques to old problems such as sub-floor void monitoring. Despite this expansion, our commitment to providing excellence through efficient and cost-effective services remains unaltered.

Here’s what you need to know about the Ground-Gas Solutions brand refresh:

We are GGS: As we now continuously monitor indoor air quality, radon levels as well as ground-gasses in monitoring wells and sub-floor voids, Ground-Gas Solutions will be trading as its acronym, GGS. It’s also quicker and easier to say!

Experts in Continuous Monitoring: GGS has researched, developed and applied the science behind continuous environmental monitoring since the very beginning. Now we have the technical capabilities to apply this approach outside of ground gas, we will continue to develop and champion best practice in environmental hazard identification and risk assessment. These techniques provide our clients with greater confidence and less uncertainty leading to cost savings and ultimately more sustainable solutions. . In tandem with our shorter name we have opted for a snappier URL. You will now find details on all our services, case studies and news updates at You can also expect emails coming from Add us to your safe list to keep the lines of communication open.

Grey is the new blue: In order to stand out from the crowd we did some research and adopted a new colour palette. The teal blue has been replaced by a steely grey. Keep an eye out for our on site staff or our vans driving by.


2017 is going to be an exciting year for GGS.

Look out for bigger changes coming soon.