2018: Another great year for GGS

13Dec / 2018

2018: Another great year for GGS

We ended 2017 on a high after one of our best ever trading years, and I’m happy to say that this trend progressed through 2018.


Expanding range of businessGGS ground gas monitoring

The range of projects the company has worked on has continued to expand, with demand for services in brownfield re-development, mines gas contamination, housing on former landfills, onshore energy and transport infrastructure. While this year the company hasn’t operated overseas, we have had projects from the tip of Cornwall to the Hebrides and everything in between.

Increased fleet of Gas Sentinel units

During the year the company has continued to invest in the latest gas monitoring technologies and has added Gas Sentinel® units to bolster our existing GasClam® fleet. A tried and tested second generation, in-borehole continuous ground gas monitoring device, the Gas Sentinel® is smaller, lighter and smarter with the added advantages of being telemetry enabled and having continuous flow. This capital investment probably makes GGS the largest provider of specialist continuous ground gas monitoring and risk assessment services in the UK.

GGS brownfield briefing Increased presence at industry conferences  

Another highlight has been the increased number of conferences at which GGS has been invited to speak. These have included events in London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Belfast – all corners of the UK. It’s an honour to be considered a trusted and reliable expert in the field of environmental monitoring, and we look forward to working closer with our event partners, such as Brownfield Briefing, ever closer in the future.

Popular and successful training courses

As with previous years, GGS ran a programme of ‘A-Z of Ground-Gas’ training in collaboration with PAGeotechnical. These two-day training events continue to be highly popular and this year we ran eight events, each attended by an excellent mix of regulators and consultants who brought a number of interesting case studies and anecdotes. Click here to find out what this year’s delegates had to say about our ground gas training courses.

GGS BVCFounding member of the British Verification Council

2018 has seen GGS consolidate its ground gas protection verification services and I’m proud that the company is a founding member of the British Verification Council (BVC), which was set up to promote good practice in the verification of gas protection systems.

New head office

Finally, one of the highlights has been the company’s head-office move to a new property in Stockport. I’m delighted that after a lengthy search we have found the ideal mix of offices, workshops and warehouse space, all under one roof, that will provide us with room for continued growth. Located close to the M60, it also provides GGS with better transport links to clients UK wide.


So, as we look forward to 2019, GGS ends the year with a larger fleet of specialist monitoring equipment, a growing team of experienced staff and a larger and more efficient base. That certainly gives us a firm footing for the challenges ahead.