Getting ready for UK shale gas (download here)

24Apr / 2014

Getting ready for UK shale gas (download here)

Download the report here: Getting ready for UK shale gas

This study, prepared by EY and commissioned by UKOOG with part funding from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, estimates that the emerging UK shale gas sector is an opportunity for the UK with a potential £33bn spend over the next 15 years in a home grown supply chain with some 64,000 direct and indirect jobs created.

Coming on the back of the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s report that identifies natural gas as a bridge fuel to a lower carbon future, the Government has indicated its commitment to ensure that the shale gas opportunity is not lost to other countries.

The EY report states that, “If safely and economically extracted, shale gas can develop a new onshore gas industry, which provides local employment and ensures a security of supply for the UK.”

Ground-Gas Solutions Ltd has been working with Cuadrilla, IGas and other onshore operators to develop high quality environmental monitoring strategies using innovative technologies to ensure that environmental management systems work effectively and exceed regulatory requirements.

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