GasClam Data – Why Regulators Like It

23May / 2011

GasClam Data – Why Regulators Like It

Conventional ground-gas monitoring data is at best a tabulated collection of snap-shots in time. As such it is susceptible to huge degrees of error with the worst case either not captured at all or poorly characterised. To compensate for this regulators will usually require extended periods of ‘spot monitoring’ and highly conservative protection measures that are based on generic risk assessment tools and standardised characteristic situations.

In comparison, continuous ground-gas data provides the full range of ground-gas behaviours for a given monitoring period. Nothing is hidden and the worst case situation is clearly identified.

The GGS DataPack™ reproduces all the continuous data in a visually accessible format that clearly and unambiguously identifies the gas regime and the factors affecting it. For the regulator who is used to receiving lengthy contaminated land reports with all the detail buried in tens of pages of small print tables, the graphical presentation in the GGS DataPack™ is a breath of fresh air.

Consequently, in a few moments, the regulator can grasp the key issues, be convinced by compelling lines of evidence and accept the recommendations.

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