GasClam®: Buy or Hire?

23May / 2011

GasClam®: Buy or Hire?

GasClam® is a beautifully designed piece of equipment. It is designed to fit inside a standard ground-gas monitoring well and continuously monitor both the ground-gases and the environmental parameters that influence those gases. However, it is the GasClam® data and the confidence that can be placed on its interpretation that is valuable.

Ground-gas monitoring contracts usually include three or more boreholes. If you wish to buy GasClam® you will require at least three units to be able to provide a comprehensive service that will satisfy regulators. If the money is not available for that scale of capital investment, the hire option may appear attractive. However, by hiring the equipment you will be liable for the replacement costs if the equipment is damaged or stolen. In addition, you will be responsible for the necessary servicing, to replace batteries, water-stripping filters and seals. Depending on the site conditions, gas moisture and ambient temperature, this may be needed as frequently as every two weeks. The servicing involves removing the top and lower sections of instrument and this should be carried out by suitably trained staff to ensure ‘O’ rings are not damanaged and connections are gas tight.

Using Ground-Gas Solutions Ltd gives you the following benefits:

  • GGS has the largest fleet of GasClam®s in the UK. It can rapidly deploy multiple units to a site at cost effective rates.
  • GGS’s equipment is insured while on client’s sites. This means that there are no hidden costs or liabilities.
  • By specialising in continuous ground-gas monitoring and risk assessment, GGS has developed the GGS DataPack™, the industry standard in factual continuous ground-gas data presentation. This unique report format provides regulators and consultancies with all the data in a clear and concise form that removes ambiguity and enhances understanding of the ground-gas processes and risks associated with a particular site.
  • GGS’ staff have over 8 years experience in continuous monitoring and understand the most cost effective deployment patterns, such as zoning or  transects to provide the information you need.
  • As experienced consultants, backed by full professional indemnity insurance, GGS will de-risk complex ground-gas investigation and risk assessments and, where required, provide appropriate remedial designs you can have confidence in.

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