Full House at EPUK Event and BS8576 Update

08Mar / 2013

Full House at EPUK Event and BS8576 Update

The recent Environmental Protection UK event held in association with Wolverhampton University  was filled to capacity.  The event covered new advances in ground gas monitoring and assessment techniques.

Mike Smith presented on the draft BS8576 Guidance on investigations for ground gas – Permanent gases and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).  The final draft following the recent public consultation has been completed and by now will be with BSi for approval before publication.  We anticipate a spring release if all goes well!

The standard is also likely to feature as a normative reference in updates to both BS10175 and the revision to BS5930. The biggest change for the monitoring of permanent gases from current standard practice will be the use of two gas tap valves with a tail line into the well for gas recirculation – get your stocks of taps and tubing ready!

Clive Roberts from the University has developed a simple screening tool for trace gas components from landfills and landfill flares / engines to consider human health impacts to air quality.  The tool is likely to be made available from use on their website following beta testing.

Our very own John Naylor presented on the role continuous monitoring can play in modern investigation and highlighted a series of observed ground gas phenomena which can be observed in continuous data, but which would be missed in periodic monitoring.  John and Keiron Finney then presented some very interesting and new interpretive tools for data that identified trends and gas transport mechanisms including gas modification.

Keiron Finney, former EA landfill gas technical expert, and now working with the University rounded the afternoon with a talk on just how much you can see in gas monitoring data sets and presented examples ratio analysis and identification of atmospheric entrainment due to leaky wells,  methane enrichment and depletion and the importance of knowing your balance!

GGS are happy to support Environmental Protection UK.  The organisation has reformed as a charity following its troubles over the economic downturn, and continues to be a voice for regulators and consultants alike with the Government and other bodies.  It has revised its membership fees down and if you are interested in becoming a member (or would like to rejoin!) or just some further information please visit www.environmental-protection.org.uk

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