Expanded Free Ground-Gas Webinar Programme

30Apr / 2020

Expanded Free Ground-Gas Webinar Programme

GGS had arranged to run a full series of ‘A-Z of Ground-Gas’ training events throughout 2020. This is the tenth year we would have run these in collaboration with PAGeotechnical. However, due to Covid-19 social-distancing, these events have now been postponed.

As an alternative, GGS has put together the following programme of FREE 1 hour technical webinars to be held at 10:30 BST. Find the registration links on our training page or below:

11th May – Introduction to continuous ground-gas monitoring

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2nd June – Best practice in continuous ground-gas monitoring

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23rd June – Geology 101 for ground-gas contamination

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Further webinars are scheduled on the following dates at 10:30 BST and registration links will be published soon.

14th July – Continuous monitoring and the Source-Pathway-Receptor pollutant linkage

4th August – The Lines of Evidence approach to ground-gas risk assessment

8th September – Radon – source, hazards, monitoring and remediation

29th September  – Mine gas hazards, monitoring and risk assessment

If the current lockdown is relaxed this programme may be revised and the A-Z training events will be re-established if this can be done safely.