Join GGS at the EPUK Conference 2016 in Birmingham

05Sep / 2016

Join GGS at the EPUK Conference 2016 in Birmingham

GGS looks forward to presenting at the annual Environmental Protection UK or EPUK conference in Birmingham. John Naylor, Technical Director of GGS, will be holding a session on Ground Gas Investigation.

‘Enhancing Health through Environmental Quality – Opportunities and Threats from Brexit’ is taking place at Aston University on 10th November. It marks 60 years since the enforcement of the Clean Air Act that tackled the devastating impacts of the great smogs of the 1950s. EPUK campaigned for this legislation and is acknowledging the milestone with this conference. Focus will also be on looking ahead as we continue to push for environmental legislation in the light of Brexit.

The EPUK is a national charity that provides expert policy analysis and information on air quality, land quality, waste and noise and their effects on people and communities in terms of a wide range of issues including public health, planning, transport, energy and climate.

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The quality of our environment is increasingly recognised as a major factor in the health of communities across the world. Air quality has now become one of the top public health risks in the UK, with estimates of over 40 000 deaths each year by air pollution. Noise is now also emerging as a direct challenge to health. Policy on land quality aims to prevent harm from industrial contamination as land is developed for human use.

GGS is looking forward to contributing once again to this excellent conference through providing a speaker. John Naylor, Technical Director for GGS, will be holding a session on Ground Gas Investigation. Our management team will also be present on the day and ready to speak to policy-makers, consultants, local authorities and academics about continuous monitoring in air quality, Radon, ground gas and more.

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