Environmental Monitoring for the Onshore Oil & Gas Industry Event

04Aug / 2015

Environmental Monitoring for the Onshore Oil & Gas Industry Event

Ground Gas Solutions Limited (GGS) are delighted to be involved in a new course on the environmental monitoring of water and methane for the onshore oil and gas industry. This new course  is delivered by Envireau  Knowledge in partnership with Envireau Water, Peter Dumble Hydrogeology, GeoWater, In-Situ and GGS and will take place on the 25th August 2015 at the University of Birmingham.


The course is aimed at a relatively high level, to demonstrate to onshore oil and gas operators why monitoring is required and what the key issues are for their industry. It is directed at operating companies and those responsible for the monitoring or the management of companies undertaking the environmental monitoring for them. As such, the course is aimed at a technical audience but it is not prerequisite to have any expertise in natural water systems or environmental methane.


The training being delivered will include why and where do we monitor, how to monitor water and ground gas through to practical demonstrations on groundwater and dissolved gas sampling. For further information please download the flyer here.


To book onto the training course please follow this link.


Envireau Water, along with GGS, has been at the forefront of developing ‘best practice’ approach to environmental monitoring at European shale gas exploration sites. GGS’ approach is designed to meet the most stringent European regulatory controls and to provide robust and verifiable evidence that environmental management systems are working and pollution is not occurring.



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