Environment Agency

23May / 2011

Environment Agency

I recommend GGS GasClam® service and the way they interpret the data as being a fantastic asset to coming up with the right answer. They will really make a difference to you if time is critical – they have the potential to shorten the monitoring period from months or years to a matter of weeks and the data they provide is still far, far better than you would get through conventional methods.

GGS has taken us out of the realm of guesswork into a realm of greater scientific certainty – instead of hoping we will encounter a low atmospheric pressure period when we do our weekly or monthly monitoring, GGS gives us the confidence that if there is a single low pressure event during a month we will not only capture it but get the shape of it, the duration and the total effect it has on the gas concentrations in the ground. That makes for much greater certainty in the outcome of the investigation. When you have greater certainty then you are able to design more accurately and that means a cheaper design.

GGS applies sound science, focused application and genuine innovation.

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