EIC publish their position paper on tackling the risk of Radon

12Feb / 2015

EIC publish their position paper on tackling the risk of Radon

Peter Atchison, Chairman of EIC Contaminated Land Working Group says “The health risks from exposure to high levels of radon have been well-understood for many years, but the issue remains low in terms of public awareness or political focus. EIC has produced this position paper on radon to raise awareness of both these risks and the actions that can be taken to mitigate them among government, regulators, developers, building owners and occupiers and related professional advisers. EIC’s aim is to present a balanced picture of risks and mitigation opportunities to avoid unnecessary anxiety among the public while engendering greater levels of understanding, protection and confidence.”


In brief, the report recommends eight ways in which to raise awareness and address the risk of radon to both householders and employees in new and existing buildings.


  • Create a publicly funded radon mitigation scheme
  • Make radon testing part of the conveyancing process
  • Enforce HSE recommendations for radon testing in workplaces
  • Include radon awareness in the Green Deal
  • Developing and applying guidance
  • Make radon searches free to householders
  • Institute periodic ‘radon action months’
  • VAT reduction on radon remediation


The full EIC report can be found here ‘Radon: tackling the risks’



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