Continuous receptor monitoring

Continuous receptor monitoring

Why continuous receptor monitoring is crucial for safe construction

If a development has been completed without a ground gas investigation, the receptor, be it a person or a building, could be at risk of exposure to hazardous ground gases. Depending on the type and quantity of ground gases, this may result in significant damage to structures and could even have life threatening consequences.

continuous receptor monitoring

What can happen if the ground gas risk isn’t checked

Where a gas protection design has not been followed or verified in line with good practice then continuous receptor monitoring can provide evidence that a development is safe. It can also be used to satisfy a verification planning condition for new developments and for assessing existing properties that may be affected by ground gas contamination.

How GGS can help

GGS can deploy high-resolution instruments to monitor the space in a building. Our in-house state-of-the-art equipment can identify the presence of ground gas where it is most likely to enter a building, such as service entries or utility cupboards. Following a full internal survey of the ground-floor of a property, the results will inform the choice of locations for subsequent internal continuous monitoring.

continuous receptor monitoring GGS

In a short period of time, we can capture varying environmental conditions, such as falls in atmospheric pressure, in order to provide high quality data on ground gas ingress into the building. This will establish any pollutant linkages and if further actions need to be taken.  

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