Continuous Monitoring: The Myths vs The Facts

19Feb / 2017

Continuous Monitoring: The Myths vs The Facts

It’s time to set the record straight on what continuous monitoring can do for you.

Despite the increasing reliance on continuous monitoring as the best available technology (BAT) for environmental services, there are still misconceptions that it is costly, time consuming, and over the top.

GGS’ success in bringing continuous ground-gas monitoring to the market and its increasingly wide adoption demonstrates that this is patently not true.

What is ‘continuous monitoring’?

When the frequency of monitoring exceeds the frequency of change of the measured parameter, the monitoring can be termed ‘continuous’.

When is continuous monitoring useful?

When applied to ground-gases, surface water, ground-water and air, continuous monitoring allows the natural cycles of change to be identified so that any adverse impacts can be clearly demonstrated. This can often be achieved within relatively short periods of time for natural cycles that change hourly or daily.

Sometimes further monitoring is needed to continue to capture weather conditions that provide a rapid natural change. At other times seasonal changes need to be captured.

Why spot ground-gas monitoring is often inaccurate.

Ground-gases have viscosities that are several times lower than water and they are highly mobile in unsaturated soils. In addition, they respond by expanding and contracting to changes in pressure and temperature. Therefore, they move fast and relatively long distances in response to changing weather. These can change over timescales measured in minutes or hours.

In most cases it is impossible for weekly spot monitoring to identify the ground-gas regime at a site and the key drivers that affect it.

It seems the perfect time to tackle the myths surrounding continuous monitoring to show that there are real benefits to be had from using this method. It isn’t called a best available technology for nothing!

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