Continuous Monitoring Data Services: Capture, understand, control

04Oct / 2017

Continuous Monitoring Data Services: Capture, understand, control

When challenged with answering complex questions or delivering multifaceted projects, having the right type, quality and quantity of data is everything. Whether the aim is to acquire regulatory approval or evidence the correct level of risk on site, having the relevant data sets increases the likelihood of achieving your goals. This is where GGS’ Continuous Monitoring Data Services can help.

When armed with the right knowledge, informed decisions can be made, resources can be focused on accurately defined problems, and substantial time and cost savings can be made. Having the right data also means that results are less open to interpretation, reputations are enhanced and long term and trusted relationships can be formed.

The method by which data is acquired often dictates the quality of the output. Continuous ground-gas monitoring, for example, is now recognised as the best practice technique for accurately characterising ground-gas hazards and associated risks. The high quality data it captures demonstrates gas variability through time and, importantly, the changing environmental parameters that affect it. Continuous monitoring also cuts down the number of site visits and shortens monitoring periods.

The technique is therefore the number one choice for delivering the dual benefits of providing the highest quality data possible whilst maximising return on investment.

With over ten years experience in continuous monitoring, GGS has acquired extensive expertise in the interpretation and management of ground gas data. Whether the data is acquired through GGS’ own market leading telemetry enabled devices or from client owned or hired equipment, our data management packages are custom built and delivered to enable clients to make vital decisions based on the highest quality information.


OPTION 1: Continuous Monitoring Data Packages using GGS’ monitoring devices 


For clients that:
  • Do not have their own monitoring devices
  • Need continuous ground-gas monitoring equipment
  • Require continuous ground-gas monitoring data



Our aim is to supply customers with the right type and quantity of quality ground-gas monitoring data at a competitive price. Offering customisable continuous monitoring data packages, we deliver the exact information you want, on time, and in a format that meets your needs.

Committed to adding value at every level of service, we offer site specific services and reliable project delivery resulting in professional reports and expert guidance.

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OPTION 2: Continuous Ground-Gas Data Management Services using your devices 


For clients that:
  • Possess their own monitoring devices
  • Have hired monitoring devices but the vendor does not supply reporting or interpretation services
  • Require continuous ground-gas monitoring data cleaning, analysis and reporting



Offering insurance and assurances, GGS’ expert staff can turn your ground-gas monitoring data into a factual stand-alone report or as an appendix to a wider ranging site investigation report.

Our aim is to validate, clean and present your continuous ground-gas monitoring data in a format that will allow you to make the right decisions.

This service is available to local authority regulators or other consultants who have their own continuous monitoring devices but not the in-house expertise to process the data into a usable form for interpretation or risk assessment.


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