Get the continuous gas monitoring data you need with our customisable service packages

11May / 2017

Get the continuous gas monitoring data you need with our customisable service packages

GGS is proud to bring to market a suite of new continuous gas monitoring services for the contaminated land and landfill sectors. Customisable to meet a wide range of customer needs, these new tiered packages offer clients the ideal combination of best practice and added value.

With a reputation built on years of delivering cost-effective and efficient solutions to clients, GGS is seeking to further improve the customer experience with a new range of monitoring, analysis and risk assessment services.

Using best available technology, applied with the best practice approach, the new data packages offer customisable levels of service that meet site specific requirements.  From equipment deployment and raw data to fully customisable gas monitoring with interpretative reporting, the needs of low risk and complex sites can be met with bespoke, high quality and best value services at competitive prices.


GGS now provides a three tiered service offer that allows clients to pick the product that suits their project with options to customise. Click on a name to find out more.


OPTION 1: GGS DATA SERVICE – Equipment deployment and raw data services

The GGS Data Service gives you the highest quality data using the best available technology at an unbeatable price.

Continuous ground-gas monitoring

from £225.00 per unit per week

including deployment to site

(Lower prices may be available for larger contracts)


OPTION 2: GGS DATAPLUS™ SERVICE- Professional reporting services

The GGS DataPlus™ Service package offers the data you need with the added value of having it professionally cleaned, processed and presented in the market leading GGS DataPack® report.


OPTION 3: GGS DATAPRO™ SERVICE – Expert analysis, risk assessment and management

The GGS DataPro™ Service offers a fully customisable service that guarantees not just the provision of high quality data, but its analysis and interpretation by leading industry experts and presented in the GGS DataPackPro™ report.


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