Contaminated land guidance government update

05Aug / 2019

Contaminated land guidance government update

The government recently updated UK contaminated land planning policy guidance. Located in “Planning Practice Guidance”, the latest instructions include reviewed sections on a wide range of topics such as planning, decision making and risk assessment.   

The new guidance covers:

  • Why should local planning authorities be concerned about land contamination?
  • What is the role of planning when dealing with land which may be contaminated?
  • When is contamination likely to be present?
  • Are concerns about land contamination relevant to neighbourhood planning?
  • How do you determine whether land could be contaminated?
  • What is the role of plans in considering contamination?
  • What is a contamination risk assessment and what can it contain?
  • Does an outline application require less information?
  • Should planning permission be refused if there are concerns about land contamination?
  • Using planning conditions
  • Using planning obligations
  • Unacceptable risk
  • How is contamination dealt with in the decision-making process?

Click here to view the new guidance.

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