Solicitors, Lenders & Insurers

Purchases, mergers and acquisitions are often accompanied by the transfer of land holdings. Where the land has had former industrial uses there is a risk of land-contamination and on-going liabilities. The true extent of the associated liabilities will have a profound effect on the negotiations over land values.

Due to the length of time for time for conventional ground-gas monitoring and some soil sampling and testing, accurate information has often not been available to solicitors, insurers or lenders as part of the due diligence process.

Now for the first time, the speed and quality of Ground-Gas Solutions’ unique continuous ground-gas monitoring service and exceptional desk study and site investigation experience means that accurate and high quality reports can be produced within two weeks.  The real risks and liabilities can now be assessed and taken into account in valuations and negotiations.

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Testimonial from Dr Stephen Boult