GGS has extensive experience of providing specialist support to consultants, to provide high quality data, concise ground-gas reports and risk assessments.

GGS uses the latest continuous monitoring technology to carry out continuous ground-gas monitoring as well as undertaking traditional spot monitoring.  Continuous monitoring provides high density data sets, which can be analysed to show the actual ground-gas regime and interpreted to identify ground-gas drivers.  This allows for accurate risk assessments and reduces the need for over-design of ground-gas protection measures.  The high frequency of monitoring also means that prescribed monitoring periods are often reduced from months or years to weeks.

As data collection is un-manned and typically lasts 3 – 4 weeks, GGS offers its services at competitive prices, saving money for end clients.  GGS is a low risk sub-contractor, instrumentation is insured whilst installed in the field and GGS has a proven track record of reducing monitoring periods and saving costs.

GGS offers the following services to consultants:

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Testimonial from Phil Crowcroft, ERM

Testimonial from Antonio Gennarini, ESI