Clean Air Day 2018 – Increasing awareness and encouraging action

19Jun / 2018

Clean Air Day 2018 – Increasing awareness and encouraging action

Clean Air Day 2018 is on Thursday 21st June. Instigated by the charity, Global Action Plan, focusing attention for one whole day on air quality aims to raise awareness and action levels around an issue that is becoming increasingly prevalent in the UK and across the globe.

Air pollution is not a newly discovered issue thought. Researchers have been studying its effects for decades, resulting in a substantial amount of evidence demonstrating that the continued decline in our air quality is causing increased health problems.

Here are a few indicators of how air pollution can damage your health:

  • clarn air day 2018Air pollution increases the risk of getting lung cancer, and contributes to around 1 in 13 cases
  • Air pollution increases the risk of some serious illnesses, and can make existing conditions, like respiratory disorders, worse
  • Air pollution increases the risk of death from cardiac causes, especially among people with pre-existing conditions
  • Air pollution leads to more visits to A&E and hospital admissions

Events arranged by local authorities, charities, schools and businesses will take place across the UK on Thursday. Although planned and executed in the short term, these demonstrations intend to encourage new long term habits.

The Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester has a programme of events planned for Thursday, including encouraging staff to try out its new pool bikes. There will be free lung-health checks and the chance to see or try out the latest electric cars and bikes in Manchester City Centre’s Exchange Square. Transport for Greater Manchester is also inviting the public to make clean air pledges on the 21st June, which include leaving the car at home for one day a week, car-sharing when possible, working from home, walking and cycling more, and importantly, encouraging friends to do the same.

A statistic that testifies to the positive impact felt when taking action against air pollution involves the London Marathon. On Sunday 22 April, London shut its roads to vehicles in preparation for the event, providing the perfect opportunity to test the impact on London’s high levels of air pollution. Following analysis of the pollution monitoring data, it was revealed that there was a 89% drop in harmful NOx emissions compared to an average Sunday in April.

GGS is a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Air Pollution is relied upon to provide indoor air quality monitoring and remedial advice. As well as being a severe health risk, poor indoor air quality can also affect general well being, leading to fatigue and low productivity. We recommend the use of continuous monitoring and testing as a means to identify issues and enable solutions to be implemented.

air quality dust monitoring Click here to find out more about GGS’ indoor, ambient and BREEAM air quality services.

Tune into the Clean Air Day webinar on Thursday 21st June here.

For details of events happening in Manchester, click here.