03Sep / 2020

Environmental graduate: How Annabel has enjoyed her first year at GGS

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Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Annabel Edwards and I am an Environmental Science graduate from the University of Manchester. I spent the summer of 2018 as an intern at GGS and it’s great to now be a member of the team.

GGS environmental graduate

How did you get into consultancy?

My degree was varied and like most other students; I had no idea what I wanted to do when I graduated. I had a very stern lecturer who ran the first and second year field trips and introduced us to what environmental consultants do on a day-to-day basis. I had another lecturer who taught us the relevance of environmental monitoring outside of an academic space. They made me realise that a role in consultancy could be for me, as it relies on all the problem-solving skills you develop at university and allows you to apply them to real life projects.

What was it like when you first started with GGS?

One of the best things about working at GGS is the environment; I instantly felt part of the team. This is in part due to our small size compared to many larger consultancies, but also due to how everyone pulls together. Teamwork is a critical ethos here and I have never felt alone or embarrassed to ask questions. This along with the extensive knowledge of the team is a real asset to GGS and makes working here both challenging and enjoyable.

What is your favourite aspect about your work at GGS?

It is exciting to be involved in a diverse range of projects. The balance of site and desk work keeps me driven. I have found site work particularly useful as a junior member of staff for helping me to understand different concepts and appreciate site specific risks. It is an essential part of working in our industry and I am fortunate to have been guided though this in such a professional yet approachable manner.

Site work is even more important to get to grips with when our own instruments are involved. Having contact with leading continuous monitoring equipment, like the GGS Gas Sentinel®, has been invaluable, not only for the unique skills developed but also for improving my ability to handle large sets of data.

What have you gained out of your time so far at GGS?

It has been very fulfilling for me to see how the skills and knowledge I developed over my degree can be converted to ‘real world’ situations. My appreciation of the source-pathway-receptor model has hugely expanded as now I am working on real sites that have real consequences. Consultancy leans on the intelligence I acquired at university while allowing me to expand my skills base through hands on experience, which I have found particularly refreshing. I was nervous that I did not have enough specific knowledge but working at GGS has helped me develop confidence in areas I had not considered before.

What do you think the future will bring for you?

I am looking forward to becoming more proficient on site and getting involved with a wide variety of GGS projects. I also hope to continue to build on the skills I have developed as a graduate at GGS to further become a well-rounded member of the team.

GGS occasionally has graduate internships available. If you’d like to hear more, please send your CV and covering letter to [email protected].

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09Jan / 2018

Environment Agency to Environmental Monitoring: Matt Askin joins GGS

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As we move into a fresh new year full of hope and promise, GGS welcomes a new member to our management team. After 11 years working at the Environment Agency, Matt Askin has joined GGS as Onshore Petroleum Manager. We had an in-depth chat with Matt about his career so far, why he chose to join GGS, and his ambitions and the key challenges of his new role.

04Jul / 2017

Baseline Water Sampling with Envireau Water and Friends

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It’s always good to team up with a fellow professional on a job. Collaborative working can produce the best quality results for clients through combining expertise, and it can also lead to new and unexpected encounters.

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Ground-Gas Solutions continues to expand and thrive

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As part Ground-Gas Solution’s continued expansion, we are delighted to announce the appointment of four new members of staff.


06Nov / 2013

GGS expands its Manchester team even further!

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GGS is delighted to announce it has further strengthened its Manchester team with the addition of Stacey McKenna. Stacey recently graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in Geology.  She has a keen interest in hydrogeology and petroleum studies.

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GGS further grows its Manchester team

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GGS is pleased to announce that it has further strengthened its Manchester team with three new staff in as many months.  The larger team means that GGS will be able to effectively manage an ever increasing demand for continuous environmental monitoring throughout the UK and Europe.

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UK Onshore Oil & Gas: New Era Begins

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During the Autumn 2012 the UK government has issued a number of significant statements and announcements, including:

  • The Gas Generation Strategy which recognised the potential, and provided positive support for, shale gas exploration
  • The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement highlighted review of taxation for shale gas to improve the economics of operations

01Jul / 2012

GGS’ Manchester team continues to grow

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GGS is delighted to announce that it has further increased the capacity of its Manchester office by the appointment of Andrew Brunton. Andrew has recently completed a BSc in Environmental Science at the University of Manchester and has been awarded a 1st. Andrew will be working on environmental monitoring and risk assessment for the company.

06Feb / 2012

Kris is awarded ‘Chartered Geologist’ professional status

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Kris Harries, GGS’ Senior Geologist, has recently been awarded Chartered Geologist status through The Geological Society. Kris joined the company in February 2010 and quickly became an invaluable member of the team responsible for project management and health and safety issues across the company.

13Jan / 2012

GGS Manchester Team Grows

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GGS is delighted to announce that it has further increased the capacity of its Manchester office by the appointment of Joao Marcos Dyer. JM has a BSc in Geography and Geology and a MSc in Environmental Governance from University of Manchester and will be working on environmental monitoring, due-diligence and risk assessment for the company.