09Jul / 2012

Royal Society & Royal Acadamy of Engineering Review of Shale Gas

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The UK Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser asked for the above bodies to carry out an independent review of shale gas extraction. The report was published this week and highlights that the health, safety and environmental risks associated with ‘fraccing’ can be effectively managed through operational best practice.

01Jul / 2012

GGS’ Manchester team continues to grow

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GGS is delighted to announce that it has further increased the capacity of its Manchester office by the appointment of Andrew Brunton. Andrew has recently completed a BSc in Environmental Science at the University of Manchester and has been awarded a 1st. Andrew will be working on environmental monitoring and risk assessment for the company.

15Jun / 2012

Ground-Gas Solutions involved in the London Gateway project

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Ground-Gas Solutions is proud to be involved on the largest development site in the United Kingdom and one of the largest in Europe – London Gateway. GGS are providing continuous ground gas monitoring and risk assessment for the UK’s first 21st Century major deep-sea container port and Europe’s largest logistics park.

21May / 2012

Orford Park – Ground-Gas Verification Works

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Ground-Gas Solutions (GGS) are pleased to announce that the company has completed the ground-gas verification works for Orford Park Project in Warrington.  These works included, independent verification of: building gas protection measures; venting trench remediation; and construction of ground-gas venting islands together with the regular ground-gas monitoring for the duration of the two year project.

06Feb / 2012

Kris is awarded ‘Chartered Geologist’ professional status

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Kris Harries, GGS’ Senior Geologist, has recently been awarded Chartered Geologist status through The Geological Society. Kris joined the company in February 2010 and quickly became an invaluable member of the team responsible for project management and health and safety issues across the company.

13Jan / 2012

GGS Wins Three Year Contract From Cuadrilla

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Cuadrilla, the UK’s first shale gas exploration company, has appointed GGS to provide independant continuous ground-gas monitoring at all of its exploration sites in Lancashire. The contract follows on from preliminary work GGS has done on developing best practice monitoring, sampling and laboratory testing in consultation with the Environment Agency.

01Oct / 2011

GGS Opens New Office

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GGS is delighted to announce that it is opening a new office in Newmarket. This will provide a base from which we can provide a more cost effective service to our clients in the east and south east. The opening of this office is based on the level of interest we have received and our confidence in the growing demand for our continuous ground-gas monitoring and risk assessment services.

14Sep / 2011

GGS & PAG Joint Autumn 2011 Training Programme

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Continuous Ground-Gas Monitoring, Risk Assessment, Remediation and Protection

Ground-Gas Solutions Limited (GGS) and PAGeotechnical Limited (PAG) are providing the following professional training events on the latest continuous ground-gas monitoring techniques, risk assessment and current best practice in gas remediation and protection.

14Sep / 2011

GGS embark on first international contract

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In support of one of the companies main UK clients GGS have been commisioned to carry out specialist continuous monitoring, grap sampling and time averaged sampling and analysis to assess the risks from VOCs in a former factory as part of a due diligence process prior to acquisition by a new manufacturer. The site is currently owned by a major international company and is located in western Romania.

05Jul / 2011

GGS moves to larger offices

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Ground-Gas Solutions continues to be the market leader in continuous ground-gas monitoring, risk assessment and remediation. In order to provide an increasingly efficient and effective specialist service to our clients across the UK, we are delighted to announce the move to larger offices