Case Study: Verification

21May / 2011

Case Study: Verification

Project Title: Orford Park, Warrington
Client: Warrington BC
Project Start date: March 2010
Project End Date: February 2012
Services Provided:

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Review of Gas Protection
  • Measure Design
  • 3rd Party CQA & Verification
  • Site Completion (Verification)
  • Reporting

CQA and verification of the installation of ground-gas protection measures

Ground-Gas Solutions (GGS) was commissioned by Warrington Borough Council to undertake; a review and approval of detailed gas protection measures design drawings and specification, Construction Quality Assurance (CQA), on-going environmental monitoring, verification of the installation of gas protection measure and continued support, advice and liaisons. This work will culminate with the production of a site completion (verification) report.

The project has involved; negotiation with Warrington BC Environmental Health, third party peer review, project management including continual consultation with the Principal Contractor, client and other stakeholders.

The site was a former refuse tip during the 1960’s and is currently informal    public open space. The proposed development is a community sports hub with associated playing fields, car parking and retail outlet.

CQA and Verification

The environmental monitoring is still ongoing and is being undertaken during the site development works to ensure that the predicted changes to the gas regime occur and the designed control measures continue to be adequate.

GGS have an engineer on site on a part time basis to carry out a watching brief and appropriate inspections during the earthworks operations. The independent CQA and verification of the installation of gas protection measures is also on-going.  The gas protection measures proposed for the site include active protection measures for the buildings, repair and maintenance of a perimeter venting trench, venting islands and bollards for car park and landscaped areas.

GGS are to document and provide evidence that the following have been correctly installed at the site:

  • intrinsically safe lighting columns with the appropriate gas protection measures;
  • permeable highways surfaces;
  • underground services have been appropriately sealed at the building entry point and boundary to the site.

On completion of the above independent validation, GGS will produce a Site Completion (Verification) Report

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