Brownfield Land Wales, 24th October 2018 – See you there

04Oct / 2018

Brownfield Land Wales, 24th October 2018 – See you there

GGS is looking forward to speaking at their third Brownfield Briefing event of 2018.

brownfield land wales simon talbot Continuing their excellent 2018 programme of UK contaminated land conferences, Brownfield Briefing is holding its next event in Cardiff. Brownfield Land Wales takes place on Wednesday 24th October and offers the perfect forum to discuss current industry technology, techniques, and best practice.

This conference will address the key issues and recent developments in contaminated land investigation in the context Welsh planning and environmental law. The local landscape and industrial heritage provides a fresh and interesting framework for discussing the environmental and geo-technical challenges they present.

Delegates can expect policy updates from within the industry, including improved solutions and best practice in risk assessment, remediation and re-development of contaminated land in Wales. With an expert panel of specialists drawing upon national and regional case studies, delegates can expect to gain a wealth of new knowledge from a new perspective.

Straight after lunch at 1:45pm, GGS’ Managing Director, Simon Talbot, will be speaking on “Managing the legacy of abandoned mines: Effectively assessing the risks from ground gases and VOCs”. This presentation addresses a current topic and will focus on assessing the risks associated with former mining activity in Wales, including specific hazards and risks associated with mine gas. Attention will also be given to clarifying the regulatory stance on ground gas risk assessment at development sites, and examining recent progress made in ground gas and vapour risk assessment both in the UK and internationally.

We look forward to seeing you at Brownfield Land Wales in Cardiff on Wednesday 24th October!

brownfield land wales simon talbot

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